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My life has never been the same since I was introduced to Shaklee over 40 years ago! At that time I was teaching Advanced Placement European History in a local high school, and was too busy to take on any other project much less a business! But, thankfully, a friend told me about this wonderful company, and within eight months I went to partime teaching. Three years later I quit altogether.

During my Shaklee years my life has changed considerably. In 1987 my husband of 30 years died. I was a widow for 8 years before remarrying in 1995.  Now in 2016 I am a widow again.  Through all of the changes, my Shaklee business has grown and provided me with the security and freedom to design my own life. Though I am past retirement age, I am looking forward to a bright future with good health and a great income. My greatest thrill is to share this opportunity with others and see them earn these rewards.

Imagine yourself with a substantial retirement income and no financial worries!  Today Shaklee offers ways to earn quickly for those who are starting out in the business.  We would like to show you how you can be independent of a job and not participate in the recession!  Call or email me.